Want to Read a Volufiline Review?

Through the health and beauty industry there is talk spreading about Volufiline, a cosmetic ingredient, but what exactly is it? What does Volufiline do? Why should I buy it? Where can I locate skin creams that contain this fantastic addition to the formula?

There are a lot of women and men asking these same kinds of questions since the news about Volufiline came to the health and beauty market recently. These are the kinds of inquiries that come from people that want to shape the contours and curves of their body. The focus is on the hips and thighs, buttocks and breasts.

I read the comments of one woman in a forum in which she was using the Volufiline cream on her the skin above her low neck line call the décolleté, as well as her hand, knee, elbow, temple, cheek, buttock and forearm only one the left side of her body. This woman had actually bought a breast enhancement product with Volufiline in it and was using it on her left side of the body and reported satisfactory results within 3 weeks of regular use. This gives you and me an idea of the places we would like to have a little more flesh on our bodies.

What is Volufiline?

It is an ingredient used in cosmetics that is unique in that it works under the skin without stimulating hormones like estrogen and progesterone. It is made by a cosmetic ingredients company and is the combination of hydrogenated polyisobutene, a synthetic oil that is widely used in cosmetics, and root extract of the anemarrhenae asphodeloides plant, a laxative that is also used to make soap. Unlikely as it may seem, this combination is good at stimulating the adipocytes, the connective tissue that makes and stores fat.

What does it do?

It has the ability to define and remodel the curves of the décolleté through a progressive cosmetic lipofilling-like action.

This solution does not stimulate hormones to be effective but it stimulates adipocyte differentiation, proliferation and increases volume. When applied it will work locally increasing volume where it is wanted. Most people will use it on the breasts or buttocks but it can be used anywhere. Some people are using on their hands and/or cheeks to get a more plump appearance.

Are there clinical scientific studies that have been done on Volufiline?

Volufiline has been clinically tested with positive results. In one study women between the ages of 18 and 35 with a cup size of 30A to 34AA. Applications of a 5% Volufiline cream were applied to one breast for 56 days. There was an increase in breast tissue on average of up to 8.4% over the untreated breast.

An in vitro evaluation of Volufiline yielded the following results.

On adipocytes there was an increase in cell volume of over 22 times and lipid storages increased more than 600%!

On pre-adipocytes cell differentiation increased by more than 200%! A pre-adipocyte is a premature adipocyte.

Lipo Dissolve vs Liposuction – Major Differences Between Two Fat Loss Treatments

You may have heard about one of the newest crazes in plastic surgery called lipo-dissolve. This is not to be confused with the tried and true mechanism of fat removal called liposuction. While both of these methods remove unwanted fat in “problem” areas of the human body, they are distinctly different in mechanism, side effects, safety and FDA approval status.

Liposuction was originated by a French physician and became increasingly popular in the eighties and nineties. The procedure can be done in a plastic surgeon’s office and does not typically require a hospital stay.

A liposuction patient has their “problem” area properly marked, sterilized with Betadine and is given a local anesthetic or complete anesthesia. The physician takes a small stick-like suction device called a cannula and removes the unwanted fat in the designated problem area. The fat is literally vacuumed out by the cannula while the patient’s vital signs are continuously monitored. This usually involves an infusion of fluids into the marked area of fat removal to help loosen the fat cells while keeping the patient’s fluid balance in check. This type of procedure is known as a wet or super wet and is more commonly used.

Liposuction is an approved method of cosmetic surgery by the federal Food and Drug Administration in the U.S., also known as the FDA. The fat removal procedure is not intended to replace diet and exercise and is limited in the amount of fat that is removed. Typically, liposuction does not remove more than five liters of fat per patient. The greater the amount of fat that is removed the greater amount of risk is involved.

Unlike liposuction, the new fad of lipo-dissolve is not approved by the FDA. This form of fat removal has been around for a significantly less amount of time and has had no sustaining clinical trials to prove its safety or long-term effects. Additionally, Kansas has attempted to pass legislation barring its physicians from giving PC/DC injections, the standard lipo-dissolve treatment. A Kansas court, however, blocked the legislation from taking effect while the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts solicits public opinion and holds further discussion on the merits and dangers of this currently unapproved therapy.

Lipo-dissolve businesses claim that the procedure is another way to remove fat from “problem” areas. But unlike the invasive liposuction procedure, it involves injections to kill the fat cells, or as some lipo-dissolve ads claim “melt the fat away.” The injections can consist of various concoctions that can kill fat cells and most doctors urge patients to learn what is in the syringe before they agree to a lipo-dissolve injection. The most common formula used for injections is a combination of phosphatidylcholine and sodium deoxycholate (PC/DC). Most of these injections are taken as a series requiring multiple injections for one area. It is important to note that the FDA has repeatedly issued statements that “Consumers need to know that this is a buyer-beware situation. These are unapproved drugs for unapproved uses and we can’t guarantee consumers’ safety.”

The amount of fat that is removed with the injections is markedly smaller than the amount removed from a liposuction procedure but many people are finding that the injections are a nice alternative to the more aggressive liposuction.

There have been many positive results reported from people who have taken the injections, but concerns remain over its safety. Dr. Michael Olding, Chief of Plastic Surgery at George Washington University, stated on a program about lipo-dissolve for the Washington Post, “My problem with the technique [lipo-dissolve] is that its safety and effectiveness has not been investigated thoroughly enough.” Leading medical societies agree and have issued warnings to patients about the use of it.

Both procedures offer individuals an opportunity to sculpt their fat but neither one should be considered as a form of weight loss remedy.

How to Decide If a Voluntary Medical Procedure is For You

There are some people who are so afraid of medical procedures they will go to great lengths to avoid them even when necessary. They put off visiting a doctor until their symptoms are unbearable or until something is seriously wrong. Not everyone is like this though. Many people understand the value of not just medical care, but volunteer surgeries. Some go overboard with voluntary procedures and the opposite end of the surgery spectrum can be just as dangerous and expensive as avoiding medical attention. But if you are able to find a happy balance between necessary procedures and procedures that will help you live a happier, healthier life, you will find there are numerous benefits to being open to voluntary medical procedures. Imagine you are a couple desperate to have a child but your body is not cooperating. You may need the support of a fertility clinic. Fertility problems can be treated safely and effectively, and before you know it you will be welcoming a new addition to your family. These procedures can be expensive and there is some risk associated with them, but if you visit an experienced, professional doctor, there is no reason why your treatment cannot go smoothly and work out well for you and your spouse.

People who have spent their lives unhappy with a specific part of their body may be some of the first to consider voluntary surgical procedures. Plastic or cosmetic surgery will help you alter your body so you are a better version of yourself. In cases where a facial feature or aspect of your body has always prevented you from feeling truly beautiful, a surgical procedure could change your entire life by boosting your confidence and getting that feeling you have always wanted. If you have found your body has changed due to childbirth or the normal changes that come with age, cosmetic surgery can help you restore your body to a younger, more familiar shape or size. Cosmetic surgery changes are not going to make you into an entirely new person, but they may be just the boost you have been searching for.

Finally, there are voluntary surgical procedures that will improve your health but that may not be treating a life threatening issue. If you are dealing with pain and discomfort in certain parts of your body, there are often things that can be done that will relieve your chronic pain. You could live without these procedures, but by taking the somewhat controllable risk of having surgery, you will eventually lead a higher quality of life. Most doctors recommend that the surgery is worth the risk unless another issue you have increases the risk a great deal. In many cases, health insurance will pay for these procedures, but there are occasions when they are not viewed as necessary, so there may be some financial challenges associated with the surgery. In the long run though, if you can eliminate chronic pain in your daily life, you will be happy with your choice.

Select the Makeup Style and the Lipstick

What lipstick suits your character? Often the choice of color depends not only on the color of your hair, eyes and skin, as well as the dress, but on the condition of the soul. Listen to the advice of make-up artists and pick for yourself the perfect shade of lipstick or gloss!

You are a true perfectionist and try to be perfect at everything. Since childhood, you are accustomed to surround yourself with beautiful things only, and there are just beautiful people around you. The most important thing in life, you think, is the impression you make on people in a particular manner. Do you welcome the original style, never worry because of the small problems and always find a way out from difficult situations. You’re used to do everything on time, and to solve problems on the spot. Make-up artists advise such girls to choose a pink lipstick with a crimson hue or shade of cyclamen. The color looks good with a make-up in the retro style. Draw on the upper eyelids thin arrows, which give a fervor and youthful look, but never ever paint the intense shadows. Blue or green shadow would look vulgar and cheap.

You are a very energetic person, and love to try something new. Do you like to surround yourselves with a lot of people and charge them with original ideas? You belong to the type of eccentric artist. Do you like to visit the various exhibitions, theaters and cinemas, you are always aware of fashion news. These girls have many friends because their optimism and good humor is passed to all familiar people. Makeup artists recommend choosing orange lipstick shades, which can be perfectly combine with eye shadows of terra cotta, copper and red color. Be sure to apply fond de teint on your face and underline the cheeks with a coral-pink or peach blush. Never use auto tanning – showy orange lips “disappear” on the tanned skin.

You are a leader by nature; many appreciate you for your determination and honesty. Self-confident and courageous, you are ready to overcome the most difficult obstacles. When you appear at the office, you have the entire department hears and sees. Do you feel more comfortable in the company of men, and colleagues speak highly of you as a very sexy and charming personage in the team. You are used to cope with their responsibilities as “excellent” and are always configured only to win. Makeup artists advise you to choose a juicy red lipstick and minimalist eye makeup. For you, this is an ideal solution. Emphasize the brow line using a dark pencil and cover lashes with mascara. If you are used to the shadows, you should stop at the light matte shades. If you have very full lips in style a la Angelina Jolie, give up the rich red hue, and give preference to muted pastel shades of burgundy, otherwise you will look vulgar.

How to choose the color of the lipstick?

What to choose Garnet or maybe Pearl? You have tried dozens of colors of lipstick, but still not sure which one suits you perfectly. The Art of makeup is easy to learn! Lipstick – a unique tool that can transform your appearance. The lips become sexy and seductive. The lips, painted in luscious scarlet color, make a woman particularly attractive. Ladies rarely choose red shades of lipstick, though, in fact, they fit any young ladies. Makeup artists advise the mature women to use bright colors. The fuchsia lipstick or bright red lipstick is ideal for women over forty. No wonder many actresses are choosing bright lipstick. When you want to look spectacular, but don’t have enough time for the make-up, you can simply use the most luscious lipstick.

No matter if you area brunette or a blonde, you still have to learn to choose the right lipstick hue. Shades of red, there are dozens. When choosing consider the following rule: the tone of lipstick should be perfectly combined with the color of the skin, not clothing. For warm skin tones the red lipstick with the addition of yellow flowers – the brick and coral, would be perfect. The dark brown hues should be selected carefully; such a lipstick can make you look older can. The cold skin type is combined with purple and pink shades, as well as the fuchsia color. These color shades benefit the skin, and do not contrast with it.

Saturated colors will blend in perfectly when you use moisturizing, matte lipstick that gives the lips an extraordinary satin gloss. Bold and bright lipsticks do not look aesthetically during the day time.

If you do not like bright lipstick, pick one that will cover the lips with a sherbet transparent color, will moisturize and give the look of freshness. For girls with narrow and small lips lighter shades lipstick would be perfect, but if you are the owner of large and plump lips, stop at the choice of a dark color lipstick.

Shades of red and the other rich and saturated colors look perfectly only on the groomed skin. If it is oily, apply a matting powder, as a dark lipstick can make a person look sick. When the skin looks grey and tired, and there are dark circles under eyes, bright lipstick only accentuate these problems. Girls with black hair also need to be cautious when buying a bright lipstick. It can create the effect of “theatrics” and vulgarity.

The most fashionable color of lipstick this season is all shades of pink. This is cyclamen, raspberry, caramel, and fuchsia. They are great to combine with tanned skin and give your face a fresh look.

Good News For Those Who Have Trouble With Acne

Anyone can be afflicted with acne; they don’t have to be a teenager! Acne plagues adults, too. In fact, about 50% of women who are in their 20’s and 30’s are plagued by acne. One may have even seen a dermatologist doctor and still had no success clearing it up. Thankfully there are alternative methods that have proven to be successful for many who suffer bad breakouts, and want clear and beautiful skin.

Sure, there are oral antibiotics for bad cases of acne that are prescribed by a dermatologist doctor; however, many will develop resistance to these treatments and in turn, they are less effective.

Low-Dose Options

Many dermatologist doctors will use a low-dose version of an antibiotic to treat acne.A low-dose of a drug, for example doxycycline, acts like an anti-inflammatory and can prevent acne flare up. At the same time, it won’t aid in antibiotic resistance which is a bonus. Anyone that is on an antibiotic and worried that maybe they’ve become resistant should ask about low-dosage options.

Start Taking “The Pill”

Hormonal imbalances play a large role in acne for women. In fact, it’s one of the major sources! This is especially true for those women who had no issues with acne or other skin conditions during the teenage years. There’s a type of acne that shows mostly on the jawline and it is perfectly treated by taking the pill, or birth control.

Some patients gain additional benefits by decreasing the amount of testosterone in their system. One drug that was developed as a diuretic to treat high blood pressure is often prescribed for women with this type of breakout. Ask a doctor about Spironolactone if you suffer with this. It controls the action of the testosterone without altering levels within the blood.

A Change in Diet

The main cause of acne is oil, so elimination of oily foods or foods that encourage oil production is one step that many dermatologist doctors recommend. Anyone that has oily skin should know that the combination of oily skin and bacteria produces acne. More specifically, they produce inflammatory acne. The dead cells produce both white heads and black heads.

Refined carbohydrates often cause a rise in insulin, which in turn causes oil production. One way to help is reduce the consumption of things like processed foods including cereal, white bread and sugar. In addition, some find success when lowering the amount of dairy they consume. This helps with black and white heads in particular.

Chemical Peels

While it may sound a bit frightening, when used together with other treatments, a chemical peel can easily aid in quick acne recovery. Glycolic peels work when the acid within dissolves the particles that hold together undesirable bacteria and dead skin cells living in the pores. Dermatologist doctors report that this treatment works for both non-inflammatory and inflammatory types of acne. There are even at-home versions of glycolic peels that help many when used as prescribed. There are many peels on the market but it’s super important to connect with a professional dermatologist doctor before trying it. Every skin type is different and will react differently to the various methods.

Skin mapping is an option for those who want to try and figure out what will work best, and a dermatologist doctor can help with this crucial analyzation. The bottom line is that there is no reason for anyone suffering with acne to lose hope. There are many alternatives to medication, and many of them are extremely successful. Explore the options with a professional and it won’t be long before clear and lovely skin is being shown off.