Important Notes on Surgical Penis Enlargement

The good thing about the introduction of the latest technology when it comes to cosmetic surgery is that it lessens the risks and increases the chances of the success of the whole operation. However, there is still one form of surgery that a lot of men are so interested about and that is whether a new technology, technique or any other advancement involving surgical penis enlargement has been made. The answer to this question should be qualified. When it comes to curing impotency, then this method comes highly recommended. But for those who are not really suffering from such disease then this is not really recommended, the reason of which shall be disclosed later.

Surgical penis enlargement may involve the following changes: penis lengthening, girth widening, or inflatable implants, ligamentosis, liposuction of the pubic area, and skin redistribution. Penis lengthening or otherwise known as phalloplasty involves the releasing of certain ligaments in the man’s private areas in order to allow the penis to protrude and appear longer. This is possible because a large portion of the penis is still actually inside the body. To ensure the success of this surgery, the penis shaft shall be held out or suspended so that when it heals, it will not attach itself to the affected area. Another unique way of enlarging the penis is the implantation of inflatable penile implants. This method involves replacement of the two corposa cavernosa. Erection can be achieved by an implanted pump in the groin or scrotum. The erection can be sustained for longer periods. The whole process is advisable only to those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction because if anyone who decides to undergo such procedure while being normally potent has a high chance of losing it through this surgery. On the bright side, some of the aforementioned surgical procedures, such as liposuction of the pubic area, are also recommended to those who are obese. Take note that more than 70% of men who have undergone the said surgery are dissatisfied with the result. The bad news is some of this operation is irreversible.

Given the available resources for surgical penis enlargement, this method of getting a bigger penis remains to be a last resort for men who merely needs it to enhance their manhood and not under any impediment to have a normal sex life. Unlike the other operation for enhancing the part of the body, a would-be patient should carefully think hard whether it is worth taking the risk. But the small percentage of successful operation using this method gives those people a glimmer of hope. One who is willing to go through the entire operation to have his penis grow bigger instantly through this method should only avail the services of those who are known to specialize in such field. The list of the specialist is certainly short. Nonetheless, they are guaranteed to possess the required experience and skills to give the patients a bigger penis using the available means. If you are seriously considering this method then it is advised that you see that specialist to know what other safer options available for you.